Issue 145    Dec 1st   to   March 1st   2020

How do you Worship?

How is your soul lifted? How do you encounter the divine? Do you sit in a pew, sit, kneel, stand to sing or recite a creed.
I worship in the quiet of a Quaker Meeting. We sit in a circle, in fellowship, one with the other and wait. On a table in our midst are flowers and books, always the bible and a copy of Quaker Faith and Practise, and sometimes in Newbury, a Bible of World Religions. We are an open-hearted group who attempt to live a life that is as true to the teachings of Christ as we can.
I can Worship in Newbury, East Garston or Marlborough but I miss the fellowship of those within my own community – Hungerford. If you would be interested in meeting  together in Hungerford, probably on a Saturday, Sunday or on any evening, please make contact with me. If you want to find out more about Quakers you might like to look at the Mid-Thames Quaker Website.                             

Jackie Penny 01488 686824 or

Re: Mental Health, Xmas, Hungerford Together

It is hard to believe that December is upon us again. Do you have chestnuts roasting on an open fire, cards sent and presents wrapped ? No ? Well carry on reading….
Many of us find Christmas the most stressful time of the year. Seeing everyone seemingly enjoying themselves at the office party. Feeling you must show you are happy, putting up decorations, dashing around the shops and trying to fit in.
I have a very dear friend whose parents came to the UK and built a business with hard work and determination. Although vegetarians the mother will always cook a turkey even knowing no one is going to eat it.
I’m not religious per se but the Christmas story itself might reassure you and I would advise that when the stress levels rise think about it. No perfectly cleaned house, no panic and reminding us that the most precious things in life cost nothing.
Given the pressures placed on people at this time of year it is no surprise therefore that there is a sharp spike in calls to mental health helplines. Remembering dead loved ones, feeling you must appear happy. The reality is too often those ‘happy partygoers’ are pretending.
You don’t need to pretend. Take time out for yourself. I often think of Christmas as a pressure cooker which eventually will explode. Asking for help takes strength and courage.
You will find a list of helplines by going on the Hungerford Together Facebook page. Alternatively look out for ‘Christmas free’ coffee and chat events.
We do need some volunteers as ever and especially people who have never considered volunteering before.
Mark Cusack    E:

Angels in Hungerford!

Look out for angels around Hungerford during Advent.  Angels are messengers – the Christmas story is full of angels bringing good news about Jesus’ birth and the hope of new life.  If you find a knitted angel in Hungerford in December, please make it welcome – feel free to take it home to be part of your Christmas decorations, as a free gift from Hungerford’s churches. 

With grateful thanks to the many friends who have knitted and crocheted so angelically.  Knitted angels will be popping up all over the country – follow their journey on Facebook & Twitter #xmasangels

WEST BERKSHIRE FOODBANK supports local people in crisis.  Clients are referred to the Foodbank by Agencies who are helping them, or by phoning the Crisis helpline below.  They are given food equivalent to three meals a day for three days, and may be referred more than once if needed.
THANK YOU to everyone who has given longlife, tinned or dried food and other essentials such as soap, toothbrushes & toilet rolls.  Donations may be left at our collection points in the Churches, the Library, Tesco and the Co-op. 
If your workplace or community group is interested in hosting a collection point, please contact  or

Crisis Foodline Crisis Food need ? Call 01635 760560. Open Weekdays (not Bank Holidays) from 08.30 to 18.30