Issue 145    Dec 1st   to   March 1st   2020

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Christmas is just around the corner. It’s always such a busy time of year. The shops are always busy no matter what time of day you go, and your shopping bags become heavier and heavier with all the extras you need to buy in.

When all the fun and festivities are over, we often enter the New Year with mixed feelings. It can all feel a bit flat after Christmas and it’s a time when we must gear ourselves up to getting back into a normal routine again. Many of us set goals to lose weight, be more active, (gyms are the busiest in January) but by February we have usually lost our enthusiasm and we can slip into our old patterns and routines again.

This New Year I invite you to look at things in a slightly different way instead of saying to yourself what do I have to give up, ask yourself what health benefits can I bring into my life? Make 2020 a year of plenty!

A great way to start is with your diet instead of restricting your diet expand it! Add in an extra vegetable or fruit a day, drink an extra glass of water, look up a recipe for a delicious lower sugar pudding. As you gradually introduce more good things into you diet, you can gradually drop the not so health- giving bits and you will barely notice they are gone.
Start your day with a glass of water to start getting your body hydrated and drink water or herbal tea throughout the day.
Add in a supplement a great one to start with is Vitamin D (approximately 50% of the UK population are likely to be deficient in it) during the winter months. Vitamin D is great for fending off colds as well as having a myriad of other health benefits.
Add in a 30-minute brisk walk a day great for cardio health and energy.
Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. Keep the room dark and try to avoid the use of computers or mobiles at least 2 hours before bed.
Take time out for yourself! We look after others all the time but it’s important to allow time for yourself.
Add in a posture check from your local team of Chiropractors this is

Just mention you have read this article when booking.

Now you are well on your way to a NEW YOU!

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