Issue 145    Dec 1st   to   March 1st   2020

Look after your Liver

Sometimes the liver needs a little bit of help, particularly during the festive season. Liz Chandler from Natures Corner gives us an insight into this vital organ, including tips on what to eat and what to take for extra support.

The liver is under the ribcage on the right hand side of the body. It produces bile that can break down and absorb healthy fats, and excrete fats that we don’t need. If bile behaves correctly, the chances of constipation are reduced and weight control is easier. Carbohydrates also get some attention from the liver, which stores excess glucose until it’s needed. This keeps us trim and energised. The liver also produces heat, so temperature control can go askew if it’s unhappy. The liver breaks down excess oestrogen, iron, alcohol, caffeine and medication as well as breaking down waste substances.

The liver loves bitter foods such as artichoke and chicory. It also appreciates beetroot, carrots, peppermint, lemon, blueberries and blackberries. Short grain brown rice is easy on the liver and also good for the bowel.

Sleeping on the left side of our body enlists gravity to promote better bile movement and elimination through the bowel, which in turn takes pressure off the liver. Very gentle abdominal massage, going up the right hand side of the belly (as you look down) and down the left hand side, is good for the liver and bowel.

The natural herbal remedy, Milk thistle is particularly supportive for the liver and will ease many symptoms such as weight problems, indigestion and nausea, itchy skin, sluggishness and fatigue and PMS with heavy painful periods.

For guidance on how to look after your liver during the winter months, call into Natures Corner in Newbury (tel. 01635 33007).