Issue 147    Sept 1st   to December 1st 2020


Welcome to this Autumn update from Hungerford Town Band.

As most of you will be aware the band has not been meeting during the Covid 19 lockdown. In fact, we have not met as a band since 12th March. Our round of the Regional Brass band Championships was cancelled with a week to go.

However, we haven’t been completely idle. We entered an online march competition in June. This was recorded and filmed individually and then put all together by our technology expert and Soprano Cornet player, Sara Curtis. There were over 90 entries not just from the UK but also Europe, Australasia, North America and Japan. It was all adjudicated like a regular brass band contest and we were placed 4th out all the bands in our grade. This was amazing as none of us had ever done anything like it before.

If you want to listen to the performance of Westward Ho! You can find it on YouTube under Hungerford Town Band. There is also a link on our Face book page.

Despite the possibility of small groups playing outside on these light summer evenings the current Government Guidelines do not permit us to play. So, we wait to see what happens next.

All our events planned for Spring and Summer have been cancelled and as it stands, we have a Christmas Concert planned for Saturday 12th December at 7.30pm in Hungerford’s Corn Exchange. For this to go ahead we will need to be rehearsing a full band indoors. I’m hopeful, but nobody should be surprised if this gets cancelled also.

Finally, we are hoping to perform some community-based performances and Christmas Carols but again this will depend on the Government’s guidelines at the time.

Best wishes to all our supporters.                                                          Tim Crouter Musical Director