Issue 147    Sept 1st   to December 1st 2020

Hello, …….

Well it nearly came last year but now it HAS happened !    Janette has resigned after a terrific stint at the helm (  not sure what she did but she did it really well !) Neale Marney yet another long serving member has also resigned along with Sue Watts. Now I am 78 and been doing this since 2007 and will resign when I am 80. So things are a changing and our needs are truly great.

Trustee, (don’t let that put you off, charities have to have them), but between you and me a Trustee also looks like a committee member !  I was one once, so I know.

So we need a Chair Person to use the modern vernacular (one that delegates ! )

Neale did H& S (used to be commonsense but that is not legal now) not too difficult as he has done all the spadework so it is just keeping a continual eye out.   Oh I forgot to mention he looked after our specially adapted car for carrying a wheelchair (whilst they are still sitting in it ) it is called a “Chairman”, someone Volunteer please.

Sue had a really enjoyable vocation as a Trustee (told you) she organised our Pub Lunches, held once a month (really busy position that) and appreciated.

To sum up three people for our committee, (sorry Trustee’s)  are definitely needed.

As we come out of this epidemic we really do need car drivers as well, to step up and volunteer. The amount of drives and time that you give is ALWAYS up to you.

For anyone wishing to volunteer this full link will take you to our complete Volunteering page

Or type in Google then when on our site look at the index title “Volunteering For Us”

 Thanks & best wishes    David Piper  (Editor) 07835395901

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