Issue 147    Sept 1st   to December 1st 2020

Holy Basil – a Herb for all Reasons

Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, is highly revered as a traditional healing herb containing various active compounds that can influence many aspects of health. Liz Chandler from Natures Corner outlines some of the many benefits of this treasured plant.

As we approach the change of seasons, our bodies and minds sometimes need a little help. We may experience stress, anxiety, colds and infections, depression, changes in blood sugar levels and circulatory problems. Below is a brief explanation of how a simple herb can give us added support.

Stress and Anxiety Holy Basil has the ability to decrease stress hormone levels which can help improve mental clarity and memory and bring relief from ‘mental fog’. Lower cortisol levels are associated with reduced risk of age-related mental disorders. Historical data has confirmed that night time usage of Holy Basil can improve sleep quality and current research suggests that it promotes more restful sleep and also reduces feelings of day time tiredness.

Depression The high concentration of aromatic and pungent volatile oils in Holy Basil, makes it a wonderful remedy for stagnant depression, helping to lift the spirits.

Headaches Holy Basil has a long history of usage in cases of tension headaches brought on by stress and regular use of the herb can result in fewer headaches for frequent sufferers.

Immunology and Inflammation Findings from various studies reveal that Holy Basil has immunomodulatory effects and that it can inhibit the release of inflammatory mediators.

Blood Sugar Levels The impact of Holy basil on blood sugar levels, is due to its action on insulin regulation in the blood and makes it a valuable tool in the management of weight. The eugenol essential oil compound found in the herb may improve cholesterol levels and help promote normal blood pressure.

Holy Basil is the antidote to the pressures of modern life, enabling us to enjoy more stamina and less stress. Not only a herb for all reasons, but a herb for all seasons too.

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