Hungerford Town Mayor, Helen recommends this contact

To all residents of Hungerford,

In light of recent and rapidly unfolding events, and following urgent conversations with town officials and several organisations, I have offered my services to co-ordinate all the volunteers who are willing to help those in and around Hungerford who will have to endure periods of voluntary or enforced self-isolation in the coming days and weeks.

There is one central point of contact for all residents of Hungerford;
• Phone: 07836 330815
• Email:
Please get in touch with me if;
• You are in isolation and need help
• You are volunteering to help those in isolation
• You could offer a product or service to those in isolation
What can a volunteer do for someone in isolation?
• Collect some shopping
• Walk the dog
• Post a letter
• Collect prescriptions
• Or just give them a call and say hello!
I will need the following basic details from you;
• Your name
• Contact number
• Email address
• Home address
Now that you’ve seen this message, I’d be immensely grateful – and it would be very productive – if you’d spread the word to your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and any other associates in the town using whatever method or platform that will reach the most people.

Thank you.
Geordie Taylor

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