Carers meet in Hungerford when Covid ends

Update on our services during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

This is a general update about our services during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic we have continued to provide our services wherever possible with minimal disruption associated with COVID-19. We have taken a number of steps to safeguard our staff and the people we serve against the cross-infection and possible spread of COVID-19. We want to reassure you that your safety and the safety of our workforce continues to be paramount.

Some of the safety measures we have already taken, plus ways we can continue to support you, particularly in light of the new tiered risk measures set by the UK Government.

What we’ve done so far

  • Our teams across the country have been provided with additional guidance and support in relation to managing COVID-19. For those receiving care at home, there are now 10 questions our staff will ask you at every single visit to your home or meeting with you. These questions are precautionary but important. Asking them while implementing some extra measures to reduce infection control will help reduce risk of the spread of this virus.
  • All staff who provide care or support have been equipped with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as per government guidelines.
  • Within our charity we have implemented a dedicated Task Force made up of senior staff with the skills and expertise to manage our charity’s contingency plans.
    In addition, we have updated our risk assessments throughout all areas of our service delivery.
  • Our office based staff continue to work from home wherever possible.
  • In addition, regular audits are being completed on our systems and processes.
    Our carers Hub services are still operating as usual, although Home visits are restricted and will only be agreed in exceptional circumstances.

If a home visit is agreed, we require you to inform us immediately:

  • if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of COVID-19
  • if you have come into contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • if you have been contacted through the Track and Trace programme.

If you have any symptoms of the virus, but have not yet sought medical advice, we ask that you contact 111 for screening.

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