From the Parish Magazine dated December 1874.

“At a Committee meeting of the Hungerford Institute, held on Tuesday, November 17, it was resolved to admit quarterly members by a payment of 3s in advance. The Committee hope by taking this step that many who have hitherto held aloof will join the Institute for the winter months. It is also agreed upon to furnish the Reading Room in a more comfortable manner by addition of some easy chairs, and make it as attractive as possible by the introduction of chess, backgammon, draughts, etc. This is a step in the right direction, and now that there is a chance of having a warm and comfortable room where one can smoke and read during the winter months it is to be hoped it will be well patronised. We are glad to hear that the financial state is favourable and the society is in a flourishing condition”.

From the Parish Magazine dated December 1880.

“The Vicar and Churchwardens intend to relay and level the turf on the triangular piece of ground in the Churchyard which lies between the two Church paths. If those whose relatives are buried in this part of the Churchyard have any objection to make, or any suggestion to offer, they are requested to signify the same to the Vicar before the end of the week.”
Note:- The second path in the Churchyard referred to was to the left of the row of lime trees at the east end of the Churchyard and ran up the door in the south east wall of the church.

From the Parish Magazine dated April 1891.

“The Hungerford Parish Church Window Fund which has done so much for the adornment of our Parish Church is by no means as flourishing a condition as it ought to be. The number of 5s subscribers is only half that with which it began in 1884, and the income for the past year will not be enough to meet the expense of putting in the St Lawrence window. A faculty has been obtained for erecting three more windows, the proposed subjects being at the East end of the South aisle, our Lord with the Doctors in the Temple; opposite the door, Our Lord feeding the five thousand; at the East end of the North aisle, our Lord entering into Jerusalem. But funds are only provided for the last of these, which is the Memorial Window to the late Rev. T.H.Mitchell.

There must surely be a large number of parishioners who have sufficient interest in the Parish Church to be willing to subscribe five shillings a year for the decoration of the remaining windows, but unless additional subscriptions or donations are forthcoming the work must be indefinitely delayed.”

“The lease of the Hungerford Fly Fishing Club will expire on the first of September next, and it is understood that it will not be renewed. After that date the fishing will be at the disposal of the Constable and Feofees. It appears that there is plenty of fish in the river, though the absence of fly for the past year or two has caused some disappointment: and it is hoped that the authorities will make such arrangements as may conduce to the proper preservation of the river, and to the general advantage of the inhabitants.”

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