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Efficiency or Inefficiency, that beggars belief!
Have you been insulated yet? I know I keep on about it, but it is really going to save you money, what with last winter’s hike on Gas & Electricity, the same or worse is happening this year and the next. Well thank you past governments for letting our Public Utilities go abroad, they couldn’t care less about us could they? See the next page under Talmage’s advert for some contact phone and website details. Be warned though, if you have more than 6.5cm (2.5inches) of insulation in your loft you will not qualify for the cheap or free (over 70) grant, even though it falls well short of the 170cm (virtually 7inches) that would have been put down. Now I reckon that is an absolute STUPID bit of red tape, don’t you? Don’t forget your cavity wall insulation as well.

Went to France the other week, I was so impressed with their driving manners, the slower speed limits in town = to 20mph, so much safer, and the wonderful lane discipline on the motorways, they do their overtaking and get back in. Isn’t that speed limit sign great 130kph or with the cloud & rain symbol reduce to 110kph for safer driving, and on a bit of a hill the lorries are banned from overtaking! Back into dear old Blighty, on the M3 an inconsiderate (during the rush hour) motorist drove for miles in the middle lane at 60mph, cars then going down the inside lane at 70mph and undertaking him through the sheer frustration of being severely held up. Mind you we had just spent an extra 2 hours on the M25 (long delays J8 –J12), no accident just sheer traffic volume. Somebody said get a Sat Nav, but I still use a pencil !

So the footbridge is finally here/started. I do hope that when they switch on the traffic lights that they get on with the job, and actually WORK, so that they can be removed quickly. There is nothing worse than being delayed when NOBODY is there, let alone working ! Please don’t take a leaf out of our non-working Road Works on our motorways, and the recent Gas works!

Digital TV soon, see the article, click on 'Please Help'. If you have a satellite dish or cable TV then as far as I know you will not be affected.

Now that WBC have withdrawn some services I see that CHAIN’s wheelchair vehicle’s use has nearly doubled. It is getting on in years and they are appealing for donations towards a new one. You did see the Chairman’s (Janette’s) didn’t you?

Please contact me, as always, through David’s e-mail,
or to CHAIN Office…..address on outside back page and title your words/thoughts as …….Old Codger column please ……. Bye Bye & keep safe.


Welcome to Government Grants.    it does seem to be internet based only, No telephone! Grants for loft insulation, of around 50% and above, are available for all home owners and private tenants - whatever your income - and of 100% if you satisfy the eligibility criteria.

This will take you to West Berks page :-
One that is not on their page (page not up to date!) is recommended by them when they get round to updating it, is
which goes straight to the request page, as I found it very confusing to get to
the request page. This is their home page

Age Concern also holds a list of contractors. You can contact them on 0118 959 4242 or email them at

Warm Front at :- Energygrants/DG_10018661 Scroll down and you will see, Apply for a Warm Front Grant   Apply over the phone Call 0800 316 2805 (or text phone 0800 072 0156). An advisor will then take you through the application form.Lines are open Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm and Saturday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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