Did you know that your big society organisation CHAIN will be 35 years old in 2012?

Did you know that your Editor just loves to hear ,and possibly publicise for free about any events that are to take place? We also put events/happenings etc. up on the web to Hungerford’s What’s On pages! You do of course have to think a bit in advance though.

Did you know that up to a half page could be yours for free to promote your organisation (not businesses) Club, Group, etc

Did you know that CHAIN, because we ask for Volunteers in this mag, do attract new people to our cause. To those that have joined us this year, thank you, and to others who are thinking about it, please ring the office Mon to Fri 9-11 683727 thanks. By the way, see our advert click on 'Please Help'.
New Years resolution, just don’t sit there, DO IT.

Did you know that for club’s, organisations, group’s etc. that if you need funds to finance or part finance a project, you can apply to the Greenham Common trust?
Full details click on 'Findmeagrant'.

Click on 'The Old Codger' for some info on Home insulation. Not everyone is successful for a free grant, if you are 83, and have 2 1/2” insulation already, and it is 55% efficient, then you won’t qualify for the 7inch stuff, but surely that would have made it more efficient, or is that too ridiculous. Perhaps the 2 1/2 inch should have been ripped out, or is that too dishonest of me?

The letters page is devoted to an article printed in September’s issue about benefits paid to illegal immigrants, headed...Is This Really True...well, turned out it wasn’t, emails apparently had been going round the world with various versions. I think maybe there is no smoke without fire, or is it the other way round? And why are the OAP’s paid so little? Makes me sick to see the Public gold plated pensions, as against what we from the private sector get as a pension.

We need your help again please see Very Important Notice click on 'Please Help', The story of CHAIN, dust off the cobwebs!

Such lovely people and generous as well, please see the Poppy appeal article click on 'Our Community'

My special thanks to all our advertisers who make this magazine free to all of you, and of course my thanks for all the lovely people who walk the streets posting CHAIN MAIL through your door. Thank you all so very much.

Would any of you out there care to write a page for CHAIN MAIL, it could be just a one off, or a series, I would love to hear from you! We do get read, with our 2900 copies distributed locally.
I hope you all have the Christmas and New Year that you wish for.

Thanks & Regards, David Piper
Tel: 01488-683152     davidhpiper111@btinternet.com
Letters, articles and adverts should be sent to me by the 7th of the month preceding
publication, i.e.7th Feb for the issue on March1st. If you send something to me I try to acknowledge within 3 days. No reply from me then I have not got it, so please re-send.


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