Greenham Common Trust has transformed the local Grant process.

What are the advantages of findmeagrant?

Avoids the need for multiple application forms
Simple one application can reach many grant makers and public donors
Trust Top-Up – the Trust will match public donations up to £5,000 per project application if the project meets our eligibility criteria. Gift Aid will be applied to donations where possible.
One-Stop-Shop for grant makers, seekers and public donors
Significantly improves internal administration and reduces costs
Improves the intelligence about grant applicants, public donors and grant makers – allowing you to see the bigger picture.

How does it work?

It works much like the UCAS university student clearing system where universities search for students who match their eligibility criteria and students search for universities with places to offer. We are replacing the students with grant applicants and the universities with grant making bodies.

Which funders have signed up?
Greenham Common Trust – Reactive Grants, Vibrant Villages/Parish Plan Grant
West Berkshire Council – West Berkshire Small Grants, Vibrant Villages/Parish Plan Grant
West Berkshire Partnership – WBP Grants
Greater Greenham Partnership

How Do I find out who has funded me?

Information about grant makers and donors with the amounts of grant aid will be posted live on to the portal and your personal application portal.

How do applicants receive grant funding?
Grant makers can either pay their grants directly to the applicants using their current payment methods or through the Trust using BACS or cheque.

How long will my application stay on findmeagrant?
Each application will remain on findmeagrant for 18 months long enough to cover at least two Trust, Council and Partnership reactive grant rounds.
Visit us at and make an application for funding or donations.

If you are a grant maker and want further information or would like to get involved please contact Trust Chief Executive Stuart Tagg on 01635 817444.

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