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Hi David, Regarding Is this Really true? in the last issue

I don’t know if you are the correct person to contact in regards to the article on page 15 of issue 112 of Chain but here I go anyway.

I’m 42 years old and I always find the Chain magazine an interesting read. The latest issue came through my door the other day and I set about reading it. I was dismayed to read the article on page 15 about OAP’s versus Illegal Immigrants which left my blood boiling. I was even in the Croft Club earlier today (01/09/11) showing a pensioner the article. We were both shocked but all in all not surprised. “GREAT” Britain, only if you are here illegally!!!

However, after eating my tea this night and having remembered my earlier discussion with the pensioner in the Croft Club I decided to investigate these claims using the internet. To my massive relief it appears the article is based on a hoax that had earlier circulated both the United States and Australia.

Like I said my relief was immense now believing we live in a country where only the deserved get help from us tax payers. In my dreams, but at least it appears that it doesn’t pay to be illegal, for the foreseeable future anyway.

Keep up the good work with Chain as it’s probably the best free publication that comes through our doors in Hungerford. Kind regards, Terry.

P.S. If anyone wonders how I managed to be in the Croft Club on a Thursday afternoon, I am currently on annual leave from work this week celebrating a daughters 18th birthday.

Ed’s comment…..The article was ... Is this Really true? So thanks Terry for your research.

Ed’s further comment....Another gentleman contacted me by e-mail telling me off, but when I offered to publish his criticism, he said it wasn’t for publication !
So much for the strength of conviction!

Good Morning,
I refer to the half page in your Autumn issue no. 112 page 15, devoted to a comparison between support payments paid to Old Age Pensioners compared to Illegal Immigrants and Refugees living in Britain. This was given to me by my father in law who resides in your area and who was disgusted, as no doubt many of your readers would have been when the 'facts' that pensioners total benefit is £6000 compared with Illegal Immigrants who it is claimed can benefit to the tune of £29,900.

So I decided to write to a number of prominent cabinet ministers, including Theresa May, Philip Hammond and the Prime Minister. 10 Downing Street and one other Minister referred my letter to the Department for Work and Pensions. I received letters and supportive documentation from John Herron (Ministerial Correspondence Manager) and from Goff Daft (Head of the correspondence team).

In their respective letters, these two absolute statements are made "the information in the magazine you received just is not true" and "I can confirm that all the figures cited in the article are incorrect".

Yes we have a major problems in the UK as a result of immigrants flooding our NHS system, for example. However any negative comments ought to be factual and not fictitious.

Best wishes to you and to your magazine. I hope my comments will help you produce a better product in the future.  


Ed’s comment, Oh dear, but at least somebody is reading CHAIN MAIL!

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