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David Thorpe is a key member of CHAIN


In West Berkshire we receive our terrestrial television signals via the main transmitter at Hannington. The ANALOGUE signals from this transmitter will be switching over to DIGITAL in a two stage process on the 8th and 22nd FEBRUARY 2012.

There is an important BBC “SWITCHOVER HELP SCHEME” which has been well-publicised but there will still be many people who do not understand what Switchover is about and these are likely to be people who need help from their community. The “SWITCHOVER HELP SCHEME” will include installation and support for one year and will cost £40.00 or will be free of charge depending on the individual circumstances.

The Community Council for Berkshire is supporting the local roll-out of the Switchover Help Scheme and your volunteer for Hungerford is DAVID THORPE who will coordinate the recruitment of SUPPORTERS in the local community, in order to spread this message and ensure no-one gets missed out.

SUPPORTERS will ideally come from the local Hungerford organisations that are most likely to be in a position to recognise those in the local community who may need support. People such as local postmen, shopkeepers, publicans, priests, as well as employees at doctors surgeries, dentists, clinics and members of organisations such as W.I. Royal British Legion, Probus, Tuesday Club and the many other clubs and leisure facilities that play an active part in Hungerford’s community life. A full range of leaflets and posters will be available.

Those most at risk will likely be:-
Older people
People with sensory, mobility and/or dexterity impairments
People who have a learning disability
People who have experienced mental health conditions
People who do not have English as a first language
People who are socially isolated

David will be coordinating, performing and supporting local presentations, discussions and “question and answer” sessions to those organisations in the town who would have contact with the people from the groups who are most at risk. This is primarily a communications exercise to ensure that 100% of our population in the local community are able to achieve a trouble free switchover to this new digital technology.

If you feel you could help in identifying these people at risk and would be prepared to become a SUPPORTER please contact DAVID THORPE on:-
Tel: 01488 685080 or by email at:


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