Message from the Chairman of CHAIN.

Chain is very important to lots of people in and around Hungerford especially people who have difficulty getting out and about. We run a volunteer Car Scheme, where you drive your own car and pick up people who need to get to a Hospital or Doctors appointment.

We also have a Chairman vehicle which can be driven by a volunteer or a family member and takes a wheelchair bound passenger plus two more passengers.

Our other vehicle is a Handybus which is driven by a volunteer driver and takes passengers on shopping trips, outings, theatre trips, Hydrotherapy Pool trips, etc. The Handybus Co-ordinator is Ted Angell but please ring the Chain Office to book any car or Chairman trips. The office is open Monday to Friday between 9.00 - 11.00am and manned by two of our office volunteers. (683727)

Our dear Betty (Grant) has retired from the Chain Trustees after 30 years as a Trustee and for many years managing the office. Betty has helped so many people in and around Hungerford so we invited her to a tea party to say thank and she enjoyed this very much.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Chain Volunteer to either drive their own cars, our Chairman vehicle or Handybus please contact the Chain Office. It doesn't matter if you want to do 1 hour a week or a month as every little helps. The Chain Office also needs volunteers so please call in and see if it is something you might like to get involved in.

Janette Kersey

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