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Well what a summer, everyone else is saying it so can I.

Hadcaf another wonderful success well done Brian & team Just entering all that data (entries) to Hungerford's What’s On that which featured in our own website and in the ‘official’ Town website must have been a mammoth task. Do you have your events put up there? If not why not? Its all free, you can do it or send me the details and I will do it. What’s On entries are downloaded once a month and printed for the Town Council and displayed in their notice board under the bridge, and as if you didn’t know, they appear in 3 monthly form at the back of our magazine, but you have to make a bit of effort for this to happen!!!

Chain is always appealing for volunteers and in this issue it is even stronger, come on its for US in Hungerford, you could just do an hour or two the choice of effort is ALWAYS yours. Don’t slouch away in your chair, get up and help CHAIN, one day you just might need a CHAIN volunteer to help you. By the way drivers do get reimbursed for their mileage.

There are others in this issue also appealing for help, so go on do a bit for HUNGERFORD.

So many years ago we all had dustbins in which we threw absolutely anything that we didn’t want and it wasn’t a FREE service as we paid for it on in our Rates bill /Council Tax bill/ Poll tax bill. So as the years have gone by the council have renamed the BIN and added recycling to their services. They added the green bin to the list, in there as you know we put the garden and food waste, and we still pay for all of this in our Council tax. So Councillor Coles please don’t tell us in your latest letter that these collections are free, and the new tax equates to £2 a fortnight as it is not collected weekly. So what happens if we put garden waste in our wheelie bin and send back the green one?

By the way talking of waste I took a couple of working electrical appliances to the reclaim part of the recycling centre and was not allowed in until I produced my West Berks Permit.

What an impressive entrance to our town starting at Bridge Street, so often when entering towns we drive through neglected areas that really do not impress. Maybe in empty shops the shop keeper/landlord might give permission for some bright displays to promote local clubs / events anything to brighten empty spaces has to be a good thing?

I wish people would cut their hedges/trees that obstruct our pavements, Smitham Bridge road is now quite dangerous, and there are other pavements affected as well.

Thanks & Best Wishes David Piper (Editor)

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Hungerford Arts Festival 2018

I would like to record my thanks to all those who helped make the 2018 Hungerford Arts Festival such a resounding success: to all our volunteers, who organised and ensured the smooth running of over fifty events at more than a dozen venues during the Festival’s two-week duration; to the performers, many of whom drew sell-out audiences despite competition from Wimbledon, the World Cup and the heatwave; and to the audiences themselves, for their wholehearted enthusiasm.

My thanks also go to all our grant-givers and supporters without whose financial assistance the Festival could not take place, to the staff of the Hungerford branch of Newbury Building Society, who so ably facilitate our box office, and to CHAIN for publicising the programme.
You can see some images from the events on our website at www.hungerfordartsfestival.com

Needless to say there is a great deal of planning and preparation involved in the Festival and our thoughts are already turning to 2019. If anyone would like to lend a hand – we are a very friendly team! – please get in touch via the contact page on our website. We are particularly keen to meet any ‘technical’ people … you don’t need any theatre knowledge, just a willing nature and some technical background.

Everyone is also welcome to attend our AGM which will be held on Thursday 8 November at 7.30pm in the Croft Hall.

Brian Davis Chairman