An Allotment in Hungerford...........

Summer 2018 – what a season we’ve had. So much heat and sunshine since June, but as gardeners all we wanted was some rain! Night-time rain, of course, and not so heavy that it would damage any of the plants...
Most of the time, as you know, the rain didn’t arrive so we were watering, watering, watering every evening – that is some workout with all those watering cans! But thank goodness for our borehole at Marsh Lane.

It was worth the hard work, we’re now harvesting courgettes, salad, aubergine, potatoes, ... And the tomatoes are just beginning to colour so hopefully the peppers will soon follow suit.
The extreme heat hasn’t helped some of our plants – some struggled to germinate and others have been short-lived because of the stresses put on them by sunshine and lack of water in the soil. Also, we were swamped by blackfly early on in the season which affected our broad beans – the ladybird larvae arrived too late to help keep the numbers down. Then in the full heat of July we found that we had a plague of flea beetles which have had a dire effect on most of our brassica plants – we’re not sure that any of them will survive through to the Winter this year.
Our plant sale in July was a good opportunity to share our efforts with the town. We had several trestle tables full of plants which were sold on to spread the enjoyment of grow your own a little further afield.

To think that we were worried how the weather would impact on our Open Day! It was, of course, a beautiful sunny day and it was great to show our site off to people in the middle of Summer – the efforts of the committee and the allotment holders in general have managed to turn an empty field into such an asset for the community. Thank you to all the visitors – I hope you enjoyed your afternoon.

Our poster, which highlights the benefits of having an allotment, is so accurate. In fact this year, partly because of the weather but also because of some particular plotholders we have found the social-side to be even greater than previous years. It’s been a lot of fun, with several gatherings for snacks and drinks over the Summer months.

You can follow our successes and failures through my blog and see some of the wildlife who visit: Belinda
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