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Updated 07.01.2019

Trains from 2018 are split into 3 albums (scroll down and see below)

Over recent years it has been my habit to produce a railway photographic annual, latterly just as an electronic publication as a PDF file, containing the best of my railway photography presented to the highest standard available with captions which provide the context for each photograph. This is a time-consuming activity but it does provide a valuable and interesting personal memoir of day-to-day railway sightings, and has also provided limited interest to other enthusiasts.
More recently I have been contributing articles and providing web-updates for Hungerford CHAIN publications, and this year for the first time I am using that material as the basis of my 2016 Steam Album. Previously I tailored bespoke captions for each page of my railway annual and presented it in the manner of the original Jane's railway books.
Advantages of the new approach include:
- re-using text already available rather than starting each caption from scratch
- taking advantage of the immediacy of the comments made at the time
- retaining the Sightings material before it is deleted from the CHAIN web-site
- optimising presentation for screen display with black backgrounds

Some of these pdf's will go from 4mb to upwards of 10mb so they can be slow to download.
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Tony B's 2016 Steam Annual 36 - for the higher quality 36Mb
PDF slideshow (may not look much different depending on your equipment)

Tony B's 2016 Steam pages - a link to the folder containing the 2000x1500px page image files

Local Steam Review 2018  
Review 2018 Book 2  
Visit to Swanage 2017  
Local Steam Review 2015  
Local Steam Review 2006_2012  
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Preservation Album 1 of 3  

Preservation Album 2 of 3  

Preservation Album 3 of 3  

Album of 2012  
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