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Saturday 15th June 2019 **Reminder** -
LNER Pacific no. 60103 Flying Scotsman on a Cotswold Venturer excursion

Still no steam to report yet for our local Berks & Hants line, but this may be worth travelling a distance for. The Railway Touring Company is promoting this outing for Flying Scotsman working out from Paddington direct to Oxford and the north Cotswold line to Worcester. In usual fashion the return completes the circuit, getting back to Didcot for the run back in to Paddington via the Golden Valley route over Sapperton to Swindon. Times are not available yet and may only be published at the last minute because of trespass problems on recent trips. These links will enable identification of the timings by retrieving STP (short term plan) items for Oxford outbound and Challow return on that day. When the entries appear, the timings are revealed by clicking the link for the relevant entry in the ID column of the display.

Of particular interest on that day are celebrations for the 175th anniversary of the (then) branch line from Didcot to Oxford. More details from:

Tuesday 19th March 2019 ***ALERT*** -
Flying Scotsman in transit to the Swanage Railway

The famous (almost renowned) LNER Pacific is due to operate a short season of special trains on the preserved Swanage Railway shortly. The loco is currently at the WCR steam depot at Southall and will be making its way down to Swanage tomorrow with some additional coaching stock for the crowds who are expected to flock to the railway to travel behind FS. There is an entry on Realtime Trains here which indicates that it will be travelling out to Reading and then taking the Basingstoke branch down to the Southampton line. Although not operating for paying customers (I believe) it will to all intents and purposes look like a bona fide steam special.

Although its route only takes it along the boundary of ‘our area’, you may wish to watch out for the train if you happen to be in the area, especially if you have to travel by train up to Paddington anyway. The usual caveat applies that these transfers are not restricted to observing a passenger timetable and thus may travel well before or after the planned times, depending on operational needs. Open Train Times (Maps tab) can help to identify where it is on the day.

The Help for Heroes bridge restoration project at Bridge 99 on the Kennet & Avon canal has been completed and the viewing platform over the canal is now available for public use. The area has been used unofficially for many years by railway photographers because of the grandstand view it provides of the railway as it climbs up the valley through Crofton to Savernake Summit. The final touches include a flight of steps providing safe access up the steep bank to the viewing area and an interpretation panel describing the history of the bridge. I was pleased to contribute a photograph of a passing steam train to illustrate this facet of the site.

I was present at the site this morning and the cement was not yet dry on the installation of the panel when the first steam train passed by! And by coincidence it was the same British Pullman train as featured on the panel, albeit with Tornado in charge rather than Clan Line. So I took the opportunity to capture the moment – same train, same photographer, same camera and lens three years later: