Car Driving


Welcome to the CHAIN Car Driving Service.

So much is common sense (invented before Health & Safety).

I always open the passenger door (it saves your passenger from banging the next car). This is whether they are inside it or outside, a gust of wind can catch it so easily in a crowded car park.

Quite a few of our clients have never been drivers themselves, or stopped driving a long time ago. Collecting them may be the first time they have been out of doors for quite a few days, so be prepared to give an arm, or a hand to steady them. Be observant for them of kerbs etc. and when crossing a road allow for a much slower pace.

I took a frail elderly gentleman to Great Western Hospital Swindon, and as we rounded a corner a tremendous gust of wind nearly bowled him over. It is usually a draughty / windy place, but the first time there can catch you unawares.

Within any hospital there are usually wheelchairs available. At The Great Western there is a small close parking spot, but don’t stop too long, move off to a normal visitor space and display your CHAIN permit, or take your ticket to the desk & park for free. Do not park in any PERMIT spots they are usually for staff.

A few years ago I took my dear old (94) dad to hospital, he didn't get out much, and I found that he didn’t like the speed much above 50, so take bends and braking carefully, the motion can be upsetting.

You may want to put on a car seat cover.